Unicorn Bones by Bellhead

The last song, Sidewinder is the perfect song to cap off this album. Like its namesake, Sidewinder starts mellow with a feel almost like a Nine Inch Nails song from Downward Spiral. When the guitar kicks it there is a little shift in the music. What makes this almost like a sonnet in the song is the soothing vocals of Karen. Sidewinder then builds up and shines in a facet of Punk music that shows the depth of talent in Bellhead. This valley then peak approach makes Sidewinder the perfect song to end this 5 track journey. Listen to the album, you will not be disappointed.

Genre: Punk Rock, Post Punk, Gothic Rock, Industrial Rock, Alternative Rock
Originality: 10/10
Recommendation: 9/10

The Following is based on the Genres Listed Above:
Club: 8/10
Radio (United States/Canada): 7/10
Radio (Germany): 10/10
Radio (Russia): 9/10

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