Ripping At The Fabric by Zwaremachine

Music is one of the true artistic mediums that evokes emotions in many. Much of this is due to the emotions that are used to make the music. 2020 has been a hard year for most of the world between the pandemic and the variety of issues that are political and social in nature. Much of this is like a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Sometimes it passes and other times it can lead to something truly dire and grim. Many musicians have expressed how these experiences, like others in their lives have impacted them. Zwaremachine is no different.

Ripping At The Fabric is the latest release by Zwaremachine and shows the aggression and driving beat that are symbolic to both EBM and Electro-Industrial. Industrial music as a whole tends to be a super charged vehicle in the form of music. Where other genres of music will express an emotion or situation, Industrial as a whole is like an Electronic sledgehammer driving the emotion home. It is this aggression in melody that has made this style of music last for decades and likely for many more decades to come.

Many Industrial bands try to combine EBM and Electro-Industrial. It sounds easy as they are related genres, but in reality there are many key differences that make this a task that can be daunting to many of these artists. Zwaremachine is one of the bands in the world that has masterfully fused these genres together into a style of music that is quite impressive. Add the charge of emotion and you have a powder keg of music that many rivet heads will truly love.

Ripping At The Fabric is effectively an EP of 5 songs. These songs have similar styles as they reflect Zwaremachine perfectly. They are different in their approaches and feel individual without losing their cohesion to each other. They each have powerful messages in the lyrics and the delivery of lyrics in their respective melodies.

A Sickness by Zwaremachine

Parasol by Zwaremachine

Be A Light by Zwaremachine