Fading by Christine Plays Viola

Fading is impressive in that it seems that it draws from two eras in music, depending on the song. The period where Punk had died and many of those bands were transitioning to Metal, New Wave, Psychedelic Rock, or Gothic Rock was where music was really in a state of Flux, but there were elements that always stood out. It made this time something almost magical and this element can be heard in much of the music in Fading. The second era that can be heard was when Gothic Rock was shifting from the traditional Rock format to a more Electronic standard. Some bands that really shows this were Rosetta Stone, Switchblade Symphony, and many others. These are two rich eras that treasure troves of styles, but musicians try to pull from these two times and fall victim to sounding a bit dated in their music. Christine Plays Viola doesn't have this problem or in being stuck replicating what was good decades ago. This music has solid roots and a fresh presentation of the band's creative vision. Fading is different than most music out there and it that one factor that makes it even more special than most other releases in 2020.

To sum it all up, Christine Plays Viola has a very special album in Fading. As mentioned, there are some songs that you will instantly love in this release. Others it would be highly recommended to listen to them a few times. They are different than what is out there and you may need to get acclimated to the songs. This is an album that is highly recommended for the genres is it a part of and for those that love this Italian band.

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