Object ÆP by Leæther Strip

One of the masterminds of Electro-Industrial has made another release that shows all his genius in music. Leæther Strip brings us the latest creation of Claus Larsen in the form of Object ÆP.

If you like music with a driving force that can fill a dance floor and a dose of aggression then Object ÆP is a music! The music brings all the qualities that have made Leæther Strip iconic in their respective genres and one that has expanded to other areas of Electronic music.

It the devotion to making music that is true to the band that has made Leæther Strip one of the trend setters and guiding forces in the direction that Electro-Industrial is heading. This makes this release one of the hall marks that came at the end of 2014 and is spearheading the music for 2015.

Leæther Strip is compiling a number of tour dates that will be playing music from Object ÆP and many of their other songs that people can't ever get enough of. We will be presenting the upcoming dates as they become available.

If you love Electronic music that has an edge and explores the avenues that music has to offer, then any album from Leæther Strip is one to get. Object ÆP presents most of the impactful elements that have made this a band that is a corner stone in the Electronic realm of music and is one of the bands that is universally seen as the bridge that fuses Industrial with the rest of the Electronic world. If music was a drug,  Leæther Strip is one of the gateway drugs that exposes people to a wide world of music that is out there. Leæther Strip is one of the best at what they do and this album is a perfect representation of what they offer to the music world and their many fans in the world.

Genre(s): Electro-Industrial
Originality: 8/10
Recommendation: 9/10

The Following is based on the Genre Listed Above:
Club: 10/10
Radio (United States): 8/10 (Explicit Words, Re: FM Radio)
Radio (Germany): 9/10
Radio (Russia): 9/10

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