RE:MIT:TENT is the latest release by the band NOIR through the label Metropolis Records. This release shows a reflection of the direction that Athan Maroulis has taken in his focus of the music in NOIR. Unlike Spahn Ranch or Black Tape For A Blue Girl, NOIR presents elements that are very much tied to Synthpop and EBM. This album is a compilation of remixes of NOIR's music by some of the most gifted musicians in a variety of Electronic genres. This variety of artists gives a very special presentation of NOIR's music that encompasses all reaches of the Electronic family of music.

NOIR has always been a band that can deliver music that shows a depth of talent and a level of empathy that makes music timeless. It is Athan's genius in his music that has been the template for twenty tracks of remixes. These songs truly are a compliment of the artists doing the remixing and the original material. If you are a fan of Electronic music that is fluid in its beauty of presentation, then this is one album that is a must from the releases of 2014.

Athan shines in his brilliance as a musician with RE:MIT:TENT as it is a fitting tribute of his music and all that he has strived to make in NOIR. Below is a means to hear some of the tracks and get a taste of the music that is in this release that has been out since the 11th of November.

Genre: Synthpop
Originality: 10/10
Recommendation: 10/10

The Following is based on the Genre Listed Above:
Club: 10/10
Radio (United States): 9/10
Radio (Germany): 9/10
Radio (Russia): 9/10

Album Can Be Purchased Here On Bandcamp

NOIR @ Wonder Bar

My Dear by NOIR

My Dear by NOIR