White Blood Cells by Schultz

White Blood Cells is an album that some will love and some will hate. The reason for this is that Schultz is pushing the barrier in a genre that many have accepted its unorthodox style as a norm. This style could be considered Industrial Ambient and Electronic Ambient, but I will group all the Ambient genres for this perspective. This family of music is usually a chaotic form of music where the musical artist presents an almost raw form of sounds into a series of tracks. Schultz gives order to the chaos, but not in a means that the average person would consider order.

The paragraph above could be viewed as cryptic, and that is not the intention. With Ambient music you have a purity in the chaos that is the music, in structure you have the other genres. So there is a clean cut line in the music. Schultz has actually broken down that line and created a fusion of the chaos in Ambient and given it structure in each respective track of White Blood Cells. It is this combination that is had to describe, but say that he has masterfully fused the two into 9 tracks of music that have an Ambient presentation, but the feel is very structured, well thought out, and impressive in his unique style.

If you like Hard Trance or Acid music, if you like the power in Ambient music, or if you are just a fan of hearing something that is new in its style and direction...White Blood Cells truly an album that is a must. The best way to describe it is that it is the hardest Acid/Trance combined in an impressive fashion with the feel of Ambient. Each song has a feel unique to its own and the more you hear it the more you like it, if you like the genres just mentioned.

They say that a person should respect their profession and for the DJs and RJs out there, White Blood Cells is exactly the type of album they were warning you about. To play this in any set will require you to know your music and to give each song in the set with this music its proper respect. If you do it right you will have a very driven feel that can stimulate the listeners. In that respect, this music has a very complex feel in its Trance loops and surface Ambient feel, but a depth that can match A+0 by Kevorkian Death Cycle or Suspended by Numb. The key difference, both of those bands rely on a more industrial feel where Schultz pushes more of a Trance feel in his music. Sure there are other differences, but that is where artists are unique and not cookie cutter in their music. It is why we all love the music we love.

Schultz has a true gem here, if you love Hard Trance and/or Ambient then you have to get White Blood Cells!

Genre: Trance, Acid, Ambient
Originality: 10/10
Recommendation: 9/10
Clubs: 6/10
Raves: 9/10 (Depending on the set)
US Radio: 7/10
German Radio: 8/10
Russian Radio: 7/10


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