Love Under Will by Liquid Grey

Love Under Will is the latest EP released by the mastermind of Liquid Grey. This EP has been out since December 6th and is giving a slice of what is planned to come out in their March 2014 LP, Arsenic Dreams. Love Under Will is an EP that will sate your thirst for Gothic Rock and Post Punk music.

Poetry is a reflection of the writers soul, music is putting that poetry into a fluid motion. Love Under Will shows the true power in the genius of music that Liquid Grey in the 4 songs that are each a part of this EP. The guitar work in the songs are impressive, but don't dominate. The vocals blend in with the melody, but are not drowned by the music. The lyrics give a potent insight that compliments the music perfectly.

Perhaps the best method in describing Love Under Will would be to present the elements from other artists that can be heard in these 4 unique tracks. If you fused the best elements of The Mission UK and Nosferatu, then give it a 69 Eyes edge to the feel of the music. Even that impressive lacks the impressive feel of these songs.

Love Under Will is one of the EPs that is a must for anyone that you know that loves the darker side of rock. It would be the perfect stocking stuffer considering Christmas is right around the corner. The only true challenge that you may have is parting with the EP once you have heard the music. The one solace that you will have is that this is an EP and the full album will be out in a few months.

Genre: Gothic Rock
Originality: 9/10
Recommendation: 10/10
The Following is based on the Genre Listed Above:
Club: 7/10
Radio (United States): 9/10
Radio (Germany): 10/10
Radio (Russia): 8/10


EP Can Be Purchased Here

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Love Under Will by Liquid Grey

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