4.4U [2013.02] Compilation from Alfa Matrix


4.4U [2013.02] is the forth of a series of unique compilations from the label, Alfa Matrix. In these compilations the label presents four songs from new albums from four of their bands. In this release they present the musical talents of Diffuzion, Ayria, Technoir, and Kant Kino. The songs are very well chosen and put in an order where they start slow and gradually build up.

The first song, Drifting, by Diffuzion gives a very soothing mixture of Dreampop and Dark Wave. The melody is very calming and compliments the tender vocals of Tatiana. The song very much has a feel of what you would get if you combined some of the mellower songs by Assemblage 23 or VNV Nation with the style of De/Vision. It is a hidden gem for any collection of soft electronic music.

Missed The Mark (Interface Mix) is one song that truly shows the beauty in the style that Ayria has in her music. Between the base beat and the overall melody, they play very well with Jennifer's vocals. It is a song that doesn't sound like a remix where an artist is trying to get the  style of one song into a new creation. It sounds like it was an original song which says a lot of the mixing skills of Interface and how they understood the mood of the song and adapted it into something new and appealing.

Technoir has always shown that they had a gift for electronic music in presenting it in a fashion that was different than most of the music. They have a knack for presenting music that has elements of EBM and Synthpop all rolled into each of their songs. It is true that these genres are related, but few bands have been able to mingle the two and add additional elements to the music like Technoir can. Always is a song that shows their skills in a very impressive fashion.

Kant Kino has always been one of the electronic bands that has had a bit of a harder edge in their songs in one form or fashion. My Sweetest Crime (Featuring Hanne Haugsand) is no different in that it gives the agressive beat that is symbolic to the style that is Kant Kino. Hanne presents vocals that are soft in their pitch, but like the melody she gifts a bit of a harder edge where it is needed in the song. In many respects this song reminds me of Twilight World (Assemblage 23 Remix) by Aiboforcen. Both have elements that are very beautiful, but there is also an element of forboding in the underlying tone.

Overall this is a really good compilation with some very good songs in it. The only negative is that it makes most wish there were more tracks in it. That is proof that it is a good compilation with the perfect amount of songs on it. This is a compilation that anyone who loves electronic music with a mellower beat should have in their collection.

Genre: EBM, Dark Wave, Synthpop, Electro-Dreampop
Originality: 9/10
Recommendation: 10/10
Clubs: 9/10
US Radio: 9/10
Germany Radio: 10/10
Russian Radio: 9/10


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