Two Cents: Terms Of Use, Copyrights, Legalities

United States is an image that can't be copy written or trademarked. As such, it is public domain. The Eesti Kroon is under the ownership of the Bank Of Estonia. They have made stated in writing that reproduction of their image in any format is authorized as long as the respective image is not used in a way that is detrimental to the image of the Estonian Kroon. Both have had minor alterations to their respective images to ensure that they are no used in any form of counterfeiting by a third party.

The images of the albums are tied to press kits or donations from bands, distributors, or record labels. As such they are presented in the original format they came in. We under NO CIRCUMSTANCES CLAIM OWNERSHIP. The ownership of each of these images is that of the respective bands, labels, and/or distributors. The images are presented to give proper representation of the products that Draven and/or the respective sites have been sought to give. If under any circumstances the owner would like to have the images removed, we ask that they send written documentation either via a scanned image or to us directly (please refer to the Terms Of Service as to the location to send written material).

If you would like to use any images that are on Music Eternal's Two Cents please contact the respective band, label, and/or distributor. If you are uncertain as to how to contact them this may be provided by the Music Eternal staff. DO NOT ask us if you may use the album and/or currency images that are within Two Cents. If anyone claiming to be part of, Music Eternal, and/or Global Elite grants authorization for you to use such images, we request that you please contact us with their information as they are not representing any of the entities above.

We support the music industry and each respective part of it, any slander or defamation of their brands discovered by us will be forwarded directly to the band, label, and/or distributor with the intention of legal resolution. This also applies to any copyright infringement and/or violation.

Thank you,

Music Eternal, DJ-Draven, and Global Elite Staff.