The World Of Faderhead by Faderhead

This Two Cents is on The World Of Faderhead by Faderhead.

The World Of Faderhead is rather unique in that it gives a dynamic and positive presentation of Faderhead. The name and the music that it has it almost presents itself as a greatest hits of the countless songs that Faderhead has brought into the music market. The World Of Faderhead gives this presentation even more appeal in that every song is good. Much like Automatic from VNV Nation and All Seasons Pass from System Syn there isn't a weak link in this album.

It you wanted to break someone into what kind of music Faderhead truly is all about, this would be the best album to expose them to. The World Of Faderhead is one of the albums that can fit into almost any setting regardless if it is a party, club, or radio. Probably the only challenge would be FM radio in the US as some of the lyrics would be deemed "foul" by the FCC.

Gerne: EBM
Originality: 8/10
Recommendation: 8/10
Clubs: 9/10
US Radio: 7/10
German Radio: 9/10
Russian Radio: 9/10

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