Price Tag by Jessie J

This Two Cents is on Price Tag by Jessie .

Draven Taylor: One of the distributors I deal with sent me some promos by Jessie J to get my take on her music. I had never heard of or her music and did some searching on  her. Her life has been one that is inspiring and  her down to earth passion for music is truly humbling.

Price Tag is a single that has 5 different versions of the song that the single is named after. The music itself is kind of a fusion of dance, electronic, and hip hop. The variations that Jessie J has in the songs are truly fun to hear. Some are more of a MC/Hip Hop format while others have more of the Eurodance feel that has been the base standard to much of the dance and electronica music.

Jessie J really shows off her vocals in the single and her diverse tastes in the music. Price Tag was something I did enjoy to hear and has a lot of potential in multiple formats of shows, I would very easily play it in my Voit shows and even my Forevermore shows.

Genre: Eurodance, Electroncia, Hip Hop
Originality: 8/10
Recommendation: 8/10
Club: 9/10
German Radio: 9/10
US Radio: 9/10
Russian Radio: 9/10

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