Imaginary Monsters by Birthday Massacre

This entry of Two Cents is on Birthday Massacre's album Imaginary Monsters.

Birthday Massacre have a really good album in Imaginary Monsters. This album is kind of a evolution of the style they have in Nothing And Nowhere and Walking With Strangers.

Chibi's vocals are incredible in this album and it really seems like the music is the perfect compliment to her voice. Even the parts in songs like Control where they distorted her voice, it is just impressive to hear.

Birthday Massacre have another album that is a potent composition of synth-rock and dreampop. I love it!

Genre: Synthrock, Electro-Goth, Dreampop
Originality: 7/10
Recommendation: 10/10
Club: 9/10
German Radio: 9/10
US Radio: 9/10
Russian Radio: 10/10

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