Heartbreaker 2.0 by Cyberchime


This entry of Two Cents is on Cyberchime's album Heartbreaker 2.0.

If you took Noxious Emotion and Eisenfunk mix their music together and you would get a basic feel for the music that best represents Cyberchime.

Cyberchime's music has a strong beat and is one of the bands that shows best the transition into TBM that many in the EBM world are taking. Heartbreaker 2.0 is less raw then their demo, but doesn't lose the unique feel that is what I am growing to like in Cyberchime.

Genre: EBM/TBM
Originality: 10/10
Recommendation: 8/10
Club: 8/10
German Radio: 8/10
US Radio: 7/10
Russian Radio: 7/10

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