Darkest Hour by Clan Of Xymox


This entry of Two Cents is on Clan Of Xymox's album Darkest Hour.

Perhaps the best way to describe Darkest Hour is to simply state that it is one of the best representations of the style that is symbolic of Clan Of Xymox. Darkest Hour is a rich mixture of dark wave and EBM with its strong beats and brooding atmosphere. There are many bands that have tried to capture the magic of gothic rock and translate it into a more modern style. Clan Of Xymox has mastered if this album.

Ronnie's vocals help fuse the modern technology in music with the vocals that were classic with many of the darker gothic bands.

Perhaps the only note that I could give with Darkest Hour is that the bulk of its music falls into one style. This is really good for a slower paced album, but can be limiting for someone wanting to play it in a club, party, or radio.

Genre: Dark Wave
Originality: 9/10
Recommendation: 9/10
Club: 9/10
German Radio: 9/10
US Radio: 8/10
Russian Radio: 9/10

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