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Acknowledgement And Acceptance Of Terms Of Service

Music Eternal.com (Music Eternal) is owned and operated by Music Eternal, LLC and its respective owners. All on this site is provided to its viewers and members under these Terms Of Service (TOS), and any operating rules and/or policies that may be published by Music Eternal. The TOS presents the full agreement between the members and Music Eternal. The TOS supersedes all agreements between the parties regarding the subject material contained on Music Eternal.

Description Of Service

Music Eternal provides itself as both a resource for the members and those that follow either the music artists, labels, DJs, RJs, music distributors, partners, and/or Musiceternal.com. The Join pages lay the needed criteria that has to be met to allow membership of music artists, labels, DJs, RJs, music distributors, and /or partners. Any membership given to a music label or music distributor by default includes all musical artists involved with either. This can be prevented at explicit request of the music label and/or music distributor.

Music Eternal provides all media information on each of its members if information has been provided to the officers of Music Eternal. This can be done by e-mail (clientservices@musiceternal.com) or  a message to the Music Eternal fan page. These two methods are checked daily and will have the best results at information being posted and promoted.

Music Eternal offers support to their members. This is where the officers of Music Eternal will use the resources at hand to help the members of the site. This is meant to be an enhancement to help the members, but Music Eternal is not a management service. If a member of Music Eternal needs resources by another involved on Music Eternal, we can contact this other party on your behalf to be allowed to release their contact information and best contact method.


Music Eternal no longer requires payment for its memberships or partnerships. The only requirement we ask is that the members and partners help spread the word on Music Eternal to other members of the Music World.

Privacy Policy

The Music Eternal members, Music Eternal partners, and Music Eternal visitors are subject to the Privacy Policy.


With membership you agree to indemnify and hold Music Eternal and any directly affiliated with Music Eternal (affiliates, officers, agents, co-branders, and any partnerships) harmless from any alleged claim or demand. This will include any possible attorney fees from the member or a third party related to membership, any related membership issue, termination of membership due to violation of the TOS, or any defamation of this site's brand.

Original Material

All written, audio, or graphical material created by Music Eternal is the sole ownership of the site. The member agrees that upon membership that the material created in the form of reviews, interviews, and original material created is the sole ownership of Music Eternal. The member agrees to obtain consent of Music Eternal in any consideration to distribute, sell, or alter said material in partial or its entirety.


Music Eternal members grant Music Eternal the right to create videos to display and promote their music.

The following four stipulations apply to every video made by Music Eternal:

1) Music Eternal claims ownership of the graphics only, the audio is still the ownership of its respective owner and licenser.

2) These videos will never be monetized by any party (Music Eternal, Music Eternal members, and/or third parties). Any money gained by these videos will result in legal action against any party who violates this stipulation.

3) These videos will not be used in defamation of Music Eternal, Music Eternal's officers, and/or the members or partners of Music Eternal. Any violation will lead to legal action to any party who violates this stipulation.

Upright Destined Mongol by The HU

Corporate Slave by Snog

Dust by Giant Waves