Music Eternal Staff And Support

Music Eternal presents a diverse combination of talents that present elements of business, technology, and music. The goal of our staff is to help the music world and to be a bond in all the parts of both the music industry and the world it calls home.


Senior Officers


    Matthew "Draven" Taylor
    Founder, CEO 
    draven (at) musiceternal (dot) com


Matthew Taylor, commonly known as Draven Taylor, has been involved in the music world for close to two decades and in the programming world for close to three decades. In both fields he has worked throughout North America, Europe, and Russia.


    Richard Egan


Richard has had extensive experience in US State level and US Federal Governments. He has also worked for multi-million dollar corporations developing large level infrastructures. In both areas he brings over forty years of experience and expertise.


   Music Eternal Staff And Support
(support (at) musiceternal (dot) com)


    Krisztian Kaposvari



Krisztian Kaposvari has worked at multiple areas of the music industry and has a keen mind for large scale development and implementation of music-based projects. He also has an impressive understanding to new approaches to further progressing the music world.


    Nino Finke



Nino Finke has an impressive array of graphical, web development, and musical composition expertise. He has used these skills to always present the most cutting edge approach to any task.


    Raven Lynch



Raven Lynch has been involved in all levels of the music world ranging from broadcasting to performing personally composed music live. He also has a vast depth of knowledge and experience in most forms of electronic hardware.

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