Unicorn Bones by Bellhead

How (Song): Bellhead does what they love and shares it with the world. It is obvious that music is forever in their veins. Unicorn Bones is a chapter in their music and a good chapter at that. This is a song that perfectly illustrates the vision that Bellhead has at this moment and a good sampling of what we can expect in their album under the same name as this great song.

If you want to experience what Bellhead does in music, then Unicorn Bones is the perfect song for you to hear. If you love this song, you will love their other songs.

Coctail (Sounds Like): 2 parts <PIG> + 1 Part delluted My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult + a dash of Legendary Pink Dots

Draven Taylor's Note: I hate to say it, but this is a band that was under my radar. I love music and am always hunting for the gems that most overlook. I have to thank David Schock of WTII Records. I have always always loved the music he has been involved with and he was the one man that presented Bellhead to me. This is a band that has been a special experience to discover, one song at a time.

Bellhead for me brings many of the elements of a certain family of Industrial and Punk music from the 90's. However, they present a fresh approach and style that I truly do love. The concept of using two basses instead of the standard guitar like other bands tend to do fits what they do with music perfectly. It also adds an element in their music that makes some of the songs almost addictive to hear. This Song Of The Week gives you a base overview, but truly words can't describe or define what Bellhead does with music. Nor should they be limited by either. I hope they never stop making music and am glad they are part of the Music Eternal family.

Rather than buying the song, Unicorn Bones, get the whole album for only $5.00 USD. Use the Bandcamp image player above and enjoy all 5 tracks on this latest release by Bellhead.

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