Unicorn Bones by Bellhead

Who (Band): Bellhead is a male-female duo out of Chicago, Illinois (USA). They have a unique style and it perfectly identifies in their music. From the music level alone you can tell they love what they do and in turns leads to truly impressive music.

What (Band): Bands tend to fit into two base groups. Those that play it safe and the format of the genres they perform in, and those that focus on their own distinct approach. The latter tend to either fail horribly or are trailblazers in what they create. The latter group is where you place Bellhead. They have an approach that perfectly reflects them as musicians, is unique, and is where they create some impressive music. As with any musician that is in this latter group, their music takes a little getting used to. Bellhead's music is well worth the time invested in listening to.

Bellhead's music tends to add elements of Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, and Alternative Rock all fused into a style that stands out. Part of this is that they don't conform to the need of a guitar, instead they have two different formats of the bass. This makes for very rich and driven beats that let the drums stand out and not get buried in the melody. This is also genius when combined with vocals that are deeper in tone and softer in pitch.

Why (Song): Unicorn Bones is the latest of songs from the Bellhead's latest release under the same name. It is also one of the songs that Bellhead has taken the time to create into a video (shown above).

Bellhead's Unicorn Bones combines elements of a Punk beat with strong Industrial undertones and a bit of good raunch in the atmosphere of the song. Adding a raunchy feel is something that bands like My Life WIth The Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks, and <PIG> have been able to do in their music. It makes for something that gives an attitude in the music that is best experienced rather than defined. Words can describe some things, others they can never do justice.

Where (Song): Unicorn Bones is a song that would be perfect for a party, night club, and even FM radio. The song has an amazing beat, creates a superb mood, and gives a dirty feel without ever being offensive. This combination makes the Bellhead song a real gem and one that should not be overlooked.

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