Sing It by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Coctail (Sounds Like): 2 parts Gene Deer + 1 Part Marilyn Manson's Killing Strangers + a dash of Southern U.S. Blues magic

Draven Taylor's Note: I listen to music that has ties to Blues music, but it is not the strongest area of my knowledge. I am very impressed that Apocalyptic Dream Machine did the song Sing It. It is hard to explore new aveunes in music and create something of quality. It shows the diversity in Dana and his love for music.

A fun tid bit is that Dana and I are related. He is a distant family member that has become closer through our love for music. I have appreciated his efforts in music and how it has been a bridge for me to know him better. He is a really good guy with a deep love for music. His music is an expression of him and I think that is where he has a ton of potential and has been able to create so many good songs.

Where To Purchase Sing It or the album it is on, Count Your Blessings:

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