Sparks by Faith And The Muse

How (Song): As mentioned, Sparks is a song that tends to stand out from others. This is where songs of the same stature are idea to place with it. This can be easy with some genres of music and harder with others. Another idea is to place songs in a more of a peak and valley in the way they interact with the listener, this element can give a dynamic to how Sparks and the songs with it can blend in their harmony. Simply put, this is a song that either can be enjoyed for the melody or the potential emotions it kindles in the heart. Not many songs can have this response in the listener and Sparks is one that does ignite emotion in most listeners.

Cocktail (Sounds Like):
1 part Strange Boutique + 1/2 part Mephisto Walz + 1/2 part Dead Can Dance
Gently mix and place in an old chalice.

Draven Taylor's Note: When it comes to songs that I love to hear there is a select few that I tend to get stuck on when I first hear them. Sparks has always been one of five songs by Faith And The Muse that I have loved to hear, play, and dance to. It is one that sometimes I use as a Muse in other works and sometimes to calm my mind when it seems to run a million miles an hour. To me it represents the quenching waters that temper searing hot steel in a forge. It is the soothing peace that comes after the ravages of a storm. Maybe I am giving too much imagery in this, but this is one of the songs to me that gives visual inspiration with all that it gives in its melody. We all have songs that can do that for ourselves, and Sparks has always been one of these songs for me.

Many people will try to tell you to hear a song and what it is all about. Sparks is one of those songs that is better heard than defined and put into a box. The best advice for songs like this is to sit back, relax, open your mind, and enjoy. Let the music guide you in a course that words can not describe and opinions will diminish. Except to say this is a good song with taking the time to listen to without the distractions of life.

Where To Purchase Sparks and the album it is on, Elyria:


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