Frozen Star (Eexee Mix) by Helalyn Flowers

Draven Taylor's Note: I have always loved the music that Helalyn Flowers has released. I had the honor of a friend of mine in Russia that presented me to their music almost a decade ago and have embraced each release that they have shared with the world. The genius that MaXX shows in the melody and instrumentation combined with vocals from N0emi that even an angel would envy. Words may never express the admiration I have in their talent, style, and the direction they are taking in music.

Some of the songs that Helalyn Flowers have released have snared my attention the first time I hear them. They seem to reach into my mind and trap my attention into their flow. It is these songs that have always made me want to play their music in my radio shows and to spread the word on the impressive talents of these two. I am grateful they are part of Music Eternal and that I have the honor to chat with them. They are two amazing people and do some impressive live performances. If you want to check out the latest music by Helalyn Flowers I would highly recommend purchasing Sonic Foundation and Sounds From The Matrix 17. Links to both are below.

Original Microphone Used And Signed by Noemi Aurora of Helalyn Flowers

Bandcamp First Friday: Helalyn Flowers

Àiresis (Bonus Tracks Version) by Helalyn Flowers