Frozen Star (Eexee Mix) by Helalyn Flowers

Who (Band): Helalyn Flowers is the powerful musical talents of Italian musicians N0emi Aurora and MaXX. They have released a number of impactful albums and songs through the record label Alfa Matrix. Each release shows the talents in their composition in music and the powerful vocals N0emi has.

What (Band): Many bands hit a set of genres. Some that will hit different genres will shift from song to song in an album, but there are rarely few that can fuse distinct genres into one fluid form. Helalyn Flowers is one of the rare bands that have shown that they can do this fusion in a style that shows a true level of genius in their music. Each song is distinct and can stand on its own in representing the band. The songs in each album have an additional distinction in that they fit like a puzzle with all the other songs in the playlist for that album release. This duality is rare to find in musicians and it one of the aspects that makes each of the songs and albums that Helalyn Flowers releases leap out for the superior standards.

Why (Song): Helalyn Flowers have released a number of impressive songs and some of these have been found on the compilations released by Alfa Matrix (Sounds From The Matrix compilations). Frozen Star (Eexee Mix) is a song among their latest releases and shows a hybrid of styles with the hard guitar chords, the rhythmic electronic beat, and the duet they play with the beautiful vocals. This is one of the songs that shows multiple styles in Helalyn Flowers in a perfect presentation that shows how they are able to combine many elements into one cohesive and elegant song. This song alone shows why Helalyn Flowers is one of the musical artists that should be in the collection of anyone that loves Electronic music.

Where (Song): This song can be played anywhere and would be perfect for any night club. The combination of instrumentations and N0emi's vocals make for the perfect mood for a club that plays EBM, Electro-Industrial, Dark Wave, and can be an interlude song for sets that touch other areas of Electronic and in some cases Metal. Frozen Star (Eexee Mix) shows a a complexity that presents as simple in the flow of the song. It is this factor that gives it a flexability in the song and how it can be made to interact with other songs in a set to be appealing to the listeners.

How (Song): As stated, Frozen Star (Eexee Mix) has many facets to it in motion of a flowing song that give it merit to be played anywhere. A few songs by Helalyn Flowers, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Tool, Ayria, and Sebastian Komor have shown a simplicity that has an underlying complexity like this song. It makes it where Frozen Star (Eexee Mix) has few limits if in the hands of a creative DJ, someone who loves music from the artists mentioned, or that just loves driven music with beautiful vocals.

Coctail (Sounds Like): 1/2 part Helalyn Flowers (DGTal Blood Remix by Beborn Beton) + 2 Parts Helalyn Flowers (Alice In My Chamber remix by Dawn Of Ashes) + 1 part With Teeth album by Nine Inch Nails + 1 part The Hearts Filthy Lesson by David Bowie + 1 part Disease by Ayria
Combine it all as creatively as Helalyn Flowers are in their music.

Original Microphone Used And Signed by Noemi Aurora of Helalyn Flowers

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