Down There With You by Leæther Strip

How (Song): As stated, Down There With You stands out in comparison to the earlier music by Leæther Strip. It stands out from most of the music in the Electro-Industrial genre of music. It is one of the songs that gives light that this genre has many ties to other genres. It has been an inspiring song to other musicians that now have a path to a direction in music that otherwise would likely have been unknown to them.

Most musicians fall into two base groups: those that set the standards in a genre and those that deepen the collection in a genre. The first group adds to the overall collection of music in the genre, but are not bound to it. The latter enrich the genre's arsenal of music and help define the core of what it is. Leæther Strip is one of the few bands that does both, except that over the decades they have pushed the boundaries of the box and have shown that there are no set boundaries in music. The only boundary is if the song is good or bad to the listener. Down There With You is one of the songs that shows the genius in Claus and that Leæther Strip is not a band trapped by any boundaries.

One more aspect to hit in how Down There With You stands out from the pact is in its contrasts. The melody is mellow, yet the drums are thundering in their slower beat. The vocals are soft and have moments where there is aggression in their peaks. The contrasts in this song are many and how they are weaved together into one angry and sad song giving a variety of emotions. Of all the songs in the world, Down There With You is truly one of the rare songs that stands on its own in many respects.

Coctail (Sounds Like): 1/8 part Something I Can Never Have by Nine Inch Nails + 1/8 part Imagine by A Perfect Circle + 1/8 part 30k ft by Assemblage 23 + 4 parts of Claus Larsen's creativity
Find somewhere dark, solitary, and cold. Mix in silence and unleash to the populace.

Draven Taylor's Note: In all the years I have DJ's on FM radio, Internet radio, festivals, and dance clubs; there are been a select few songs that I am consistently asked who performed the respective song. Down There With You has been one of the songs that ranks among that top. What is even more interesting is that when I tell people it is by Leæther Strip the most common reaction is surprise. Most never associate a song like this to Claus' band. In a majority of cases they want to know what the album is and seem to usually have a desire to get a copy of it for themselves. These instances always make me happy as this song is one that has always held me in awe and to know that I presented it to others is how I feel I can do honor to a musician like Claus Larsen. All of the songs by Claus are superb and this is just one of the many that has had a lasting impact in my profession and life.

All the praise that I am giving some may thing that Claus is twisting my arm into putting these into written word. The truth is that Claus is one of the most kind hearted people that I have had the opportunity in knowing. In many parts of his life he is an open book and it is obvious when you meet him that he puts a big part of his heart, love, and soul into each song made. This at least to me shows the depth of love he has in his life, how rich of a life he has lived, and that he is one of the truly great people in the world.

Where To Purchase Down There With You or the album it is on, Legacy of Hate & Lust:


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