Alaya by Level 2.0

Who (Band): Level 2.0 originates from the fast paced city of New York City. The band moved to Florida, but their impressive style of music has remained the same. If anything, the music has developed into a more dance worthy form of music that shows the depth of knowledge that Level 2.0 truly has in their musical preference. This may be because of a change in location or more in the fact that the band is now the brain child of one man, Mike Hoffman. All that can be said about the band is now solely on his two shoulders and the expression of the band's music is all from his passion in creating music though diversity of styles in one fluid form.

What (Band): There are many bands that fall prey to being labeled as one style of music. Level 2.0 has been one of the bands that denies many from just grouping them into one genre of music. They are Electronic music overall, but cover so much of the genres that to put them into only one would be a disrespect to the band and their respective music. Much of the music exhibits a fusion of Trance, Synthpop, EBM, and EDM. It is this unity in styles that has been one of the calling cards of the band.

Combine the fusion of genres with the aggression in the style of Mike's voice that is presented in a coherent form and you have a duality of the music and the vocals that truly stand out. The combination is something to marvel at in how it is all laid out in an embrace of contrasts. Level 2.0 is one of the hidden gems in the music world.


Why (Song):  Alaya shows a mixture of Trance, EDM, and EBM. The main dominating style is Trance, but there are elements of the other two genres that give complimenting aspects to the direction of the song. The key distinction between Trance and Alaya is that Trance rarely has vocals and this song would have been naked without the vocals by Mike.

Some songs can show a possible direction that music can take rather than just being part of the flow, Alaya is one of these songs. The song shows how closely these genres are and is among the rare few that can present this in such a remarkable fashion.

Where (Song): The song can be played in multiple mediums. Alaya presents elements that would be perfect for Ambient, mellow Synthpop, EBM, Trance, and Psytrance sets. The songs has a pronounce beat in the verse portions that give it a driving element that makes it ideal for EBM and Synthpop. Alaya also presents interludes where the music flows without the pushing of a beat and even when the beat is present it doesn't force the music. It is this harmony that is in the Trance family of music. The intricate style in the song makes it where it can be perfect for raves and as a transitional song for sets between DJs.

How (Song): Alaya shows Level 2.0 at its best. Mike Hoffman created a song that not only shows the talents he has in music; it shows so much more. Many songs tend to be self-contained or leave the listener wondering at some level if that is the last thing we will hear from the band. Alaya presents itself as a beginning in a direction that many hope Mike will continue in his creation of music through Level 2.0.

Coctail (Sounds Like): 2 parts Daft Punk + 1/2 part Velvet Acid Christ + 1/2 part System Syn

Stick it in a flash drive and re-compile. Serve in your best light generated glass.

Draven Taylor's Note: Level 2.0 has faced a number of major challenges and Mike has been one to never give up on his passions. His music has never lost its quality no matter what has gone on in his life. He has always shown that his dedication to his fans is bar none. If there is a standard for what a musician that loves their music should be, then Mike is one of those musicians that should be put at the top.

Among all the releases that Level 2.0 has presented to the world, the music has never been stagnant. I am very impressed with the direction Mike is going with his music and I am eager to see what is next to come from his creative mind and heart.

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