Pray by Nox Interna

Who (Band): Nox Interna is a Spanish band that incorporates elements of Alternative Metal and Gothic Metal with the deeper vocals of Richy Nox. They recently moved to Germany and have melded a powerful mix of the styles in both respective regions into a style that is intoxicating and truly shows the depth of talent that Richy has in the creation of the music.

What (Band): There are a few bands that have a style that can rival that of Nox Interna, but Nox Interna truly is the standard that these other bands will strive to match. They have songs in English and Spanish that show all the mastery of both languages that Richy has in the vocals for each song. The band also has a very impressive presentation in their albums, floor show, and in their interviews. Richy has raised a bar for each part of the music world that he has touched and this is reflected in Nox Interna.

Nox Interna is a band on the rise, but they have already shown a number of key points in how they have grown in both Spain and in Germany. Countless bands ignore their roots and lack the presence in the new market to make a big enough of a splash to thrive. Nox Interna has shown how a band can hold to their motherland and still expand in a way that is impactful to their fan base and those that have yet to hear their music.

Why (Song): Pray shows a variety of elements that are not only the best of Nox Interna, but also the best of Gothic Metal and Alternative Metal. There are countless bands that have tried to be in both genres and have found it as a form of suicide. It is not 100% certain if this was the perception that Richy had with the development of the band, but Pray shows how a band can nail both areas of the music world without sacrificing who they are as an artist.

Pray also shows elements in the melody that are very similar to Vlad In Tears, but with a vocal range that is more of a fusion of 69 Eyes and Peter Steele with those of Vlad In Tears. There are a good number of bands that have tried this and succumb to either Death Rock, Punk, or a variation of Metal. The fact that Richy knows his range and has an established style that truly puts it in proper display makes a song like Pray probably one of the best in the music world today.

Where (Song): Pray is one of those songs that can be added to any radio set that has HIM, Oomph!, 69 Eyes, Type O Negative, Vlad In Tears, or any other artist that fits in those band groupings. It also has the capacity of being in any metal or hard rock set that is not in the darker side of music. The darker elements of this song can also make it a good mix with older and even mellower songs such as those from Sex Gang Children, Christian Death, and The Fields Of The Nephilim.

There are not many songs that can make leaps in multiple time frames, genres, and have such a complimentary and imposing tone to them. Some of the vocal influxes also make this a song that could be added with some of the Industrial Rock and Shock Rock sets that include artists like Marilyn Manson. If anything, Pray is both a song that can be part of a set for club and radio or be a transitional song for shifting the tone of the music from one style to another.

How (Song): As mentioned this song is a good compliment to a musical set and also as a transitional song. That makes Pray perhaps one of the gems that someone can have  in their collection as a fan or a dj. It offers a dynamic that makes it an easy song to like, but also one that is more complex than the base presentation displays. Its metal elements along with a mellow approach make it much like Here Comes The Rain by Vlad In Tears or Angels by 69 Eyes. The key difference is that Pray brings the best of both songs into itself and this union is masterfully done in the composition and delivery by the band.

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