State Of Ruin (Assemblage 23 Mix) by Alter Der Ruine


Who (Band): Alter Der Ruine is a band that has earned a loyal following of fans, respect in the  music world, and have been a constant force in the world of electro-industrial and ambient industrial music.

What (Band): There are many bands that strive to have a style in their music and to have an identity. Alter Der Ruine has always showed that they love what they do and have fun doing it. They are their own critics, they follow their own drum, and show that you can succeed in music without sacrificing who you are.

Why (Song): There are not many bands that have give a fusion of EBM and  electro-industrial like what is presented in this song. The State Of Ruin (Assemblage 23 Mix) shows that this is a combo that is right up Alter Der Ruine's alley.

Where (Song): The song is actually a really good compliment to many of the songs by Combichrist, In Strict Confidence, and many of the bands that present a strong pulsating driving style to their music. A dance club or a show that is playing aggressive TBM or EBM would be perfect for this song. The compliment of Aliter Der Ruine's State Of Ruin and the remixing of Assemblage 23 made this a potent song for any dance or electronic set that wants to push it to the next level.

How (Song): Most bands tend to fall into ruts with their music. Not that this is a bad thing as some bands are incredible in EBM, futurepop, or even pop. What made State Of Ruin (Assemblage 23 Mix) stand out so much is that it is more of a dance driven beat. It presents many qualities that made some of the bigger bands what they are in the eyes of fans. That alone shows why this is a song that is likely to be a hidden gem for and fan or DJ/RJ.

Draven Taylor's Note: When I first heard this I actually had to double check who the band was. I actually thought this was a forgotten hit by Combichrist. That is meant as the highest of compliments as I feel that the fusion of Electro-Industrial, Industrial Rock, and EBM has been mastered by Combichrist and this song shows that they are not alone. Alter Der Ruine has my upmost respect for the artists they are and I am very eager to see what else they create and when they come to town to perform.

Cocktail (sounds like): 2 parts Combichrist + 1 part Agrotech aggression + 1/2 dose of Icon Of Coil. Shaken, not stirred at about 130 bpm.

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