PerfectSex by Icon Of Coil

Who (Band): Few bands have had the history that Icon Of Coil has had. They have gained an incredible level of prominence in the electronic music world. They were one of the bands that were the leaders of the pack in the direction that EBM music was heading, and then 2006 they disappeared from the music world.

In 2012, Icon Of Coil has done a massive number of tours all over the world. To add to this, the band has released their first music material in years in the form of one song. The song, PerfectSex, is the latest addition to a long run of music that Icon Of Coil has made. It is also a song that shows that this band still has a lot to offer the world of music!

What (Band): Few know that Andy LaPlegua and Sebastian Komor took the time from 2006 to 2012 to focus on their many other projects. As the time has passed, Icon  Of Coil has rested, but the individual members have continued to release other music and advance in their mastery of music.

Andy pushed the envelop of more aggressive music with Combichrist and Panzar AG. He has also been involved with a number of other projects in addition to his bands. Sebastian Komor has been involved with Melt, Komor Kommando, Squarehead, Zombie Girl, and countless side projects with tons of bands in the music world. What about Christian Lund? He has been slamming out countless remixes that have been seen in various albums and compilations.

These three have shown what they can do together, as individuals, and now they are showing they are not done working as one of the best bands in electronic history.

Why (Song): PerfectSex is the latest creation by Icon Of Coil and that alone signifies why this should be one of the Songs Of The Week.  Aside from that reason, this song shows a carry over of the older albums into a new direction that truly shows that Icon Of Coil is ready to lead the charge to the next leap for EBM music.

For those that have yet to hear this new song, we have it at the bottom of this entry of Song Of The Week. Listen to it and you will get a good taste of what Icon Of Coil has in store for us all.

Where (Song): PerfectSex is purely a fast paced dance song. It you have a need for something that is driving in rhythm  and will deliver, then this is the song you need to add to that set. The faster pace in the interludes and verses, along with the slightly calmer chorus make for a dynamic song that can rival many of  the hit songs out there on the dance floor.

How (Song): As stated, PerfectSex is the latest release by one of the iconic bands in EBM (no pun intended). The fact that they present a song that can compete with Eisenfunk, VNV Nation, Covenant, and Faderhead was truly impressive. Few bands would venture out again with only one song as their spearhead into the music world again. It shows true guts and genius by Icon Of Coil.

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Perfect Sex (Scandy Remix) by Icon Of Coil

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