Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Mix by Neurobash) by Helalyn Flowers

Where (Song): Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Mix by Neurobash) is one of the songs that could fit in so many mediums. It stands out in the style, but is able to blend in with other songs. This distinct ability makes this a remix that can be played in most club sets. The haunting qualities and the fact that the lyrics are potent without being harsh makes this a superb song for radio as well. Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Mix by Neurobash)  can be played anywhere, it would even work as an interlude song at a festival or rave.

How (Song): Hybrid Moments is one of the songs that has seen a lot of incarnations in its life. This is one of the songs that has made it to multiple albums that Helalyn Flowers has released. The remix, Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Mix by Neurobash), stands out on its own as it presents many elements that give the song almost a dual nature. It has a strong base beat, yet the melody is slow and steady. The intro has a dark wave feel, yet the base melody in the measures gives the feel of Halo In Reverse or Nine Inch Nails. Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Mix by Neurobash) is a song that has ties to many artists, yet it is its own song. Even some of the solos with the sampling and the base beat are impressive as they don't make the song stagnant.

There are not many songs that can present contrasts without sounding hashed in the form or lacking the fluid over the course of the song, Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Mix by Neurobash) is one of the exceptions.

Draven Taylor's Note: I have a dear friend from Venice that I used to hang out with when I was in Tallinn. He had told me he only dated Estonian women because women from his native country were that unappealing. I never agree with stereotypes, and it was actually N0emi's photo that I sent to him to prove him wrong. Ironicly, she is one of the more stunning ladies in the EBM world and combining that with her vocals makes her one of the best marketing tools that Helalyn Flowers could ever dream of. Combine her with Max in a photo and you have a pair that are as tempting as their music.

No, I don't have a thing for either N0emi or Max, but I will say that I have the deepest admiration for their talents and the talent that they share with each song they make. They are one of the bands that I believe is the future for a number of genres, and I deeply know that they will be the standard that many bands will have to rival. I am grateful that I had a friend from Estonia that introduced their music to me at Voit in Tallinn. I am even more grateful that I have had the chance to chat with both and consider them as friends. They are two of the nicest people and humble for as great as they truly are.

Cocktail (Sounds Like): 1 Delerium intro + 1 Nine Inch Nails tone + 1 ton of N0emi's fierce angelic vocals + a massive injection of music genius

Combine and remix into a hybrid creation that is as fluid as the original

Original Microphone Used And Signed by Noemi Aurora of Helalyn Flowers

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