Dancing In Heaven (Orbital BeBop) by Q-Feel

Who (Band): Q-Feel is a British early 80's synthpop band that had only release, but had a huge hit in the song, Dancing in Heaven (Orbital BeBop). They are viewed by many to be a one hit wonder band, but one of the members (Martin Page) did do a good deal more in the music world in the 1990's.

What (Band): Q-Feel started out in 1981 and was a band for only 3 years. In those three years they had one true hit that helped influence a number of other bands. This impact they had would help lay the groundwork for much of the music in the new wave genre and modern synthpop.

Why (Song): Dancing in Heaven (Orbital BeBop) is a song that appeared in as part of the self-titled album, Q-Feel. It would get a good level of visibility with a mixture of music, vocals, and sampling that symbolized much of the mainstream new wave music. This song was also one of the new wave songs that made the transition from 80's new wave to modern dance sets in synthpop, dance, and many alternative clubs.

Where (Song): A song like Dancing in Heaven (Orbital BeBop) has a light feel that makes it a good fit to any synthpop, electroclash, or up tempo dance sets. This gives this song by Q-Feel the ability to being played with music from the 80's and music today. Dancing in Heaven (Orbital BeBop) is a song that can be played on radio or club, but it best with artists that can play off the up beat of this song.

How (Song): Some songs have a lingering effect on people, usually because they are related to someone, some thing, or an event in our lives. Usually these are songs that are getting a ton of air time or played at clubs. Dancing in Heaven (Orbital BeBop) had a heavy saturation in exposure and this is one of the factors that has made this song standout. The other is that Dancing in Heaven (Orbital BeBop) has carried over to other groups of individuals. It has seen air time in 80's sets, gay clubs, synthpop clubs, and also a number of dance sets.

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