Haunt Me by Angels On Acid

Who (Band): Angels On Acid are a band comprised of three members from Florida.

What (Band):Angels On Acid's music is a melding of multiple genres of music into on fluid aggressive style. They are seen by many as the pioneers in a new style of music.

Why (Song): There are many songs that bring forth elements that can convey emotions. This is the challenge of every song writer. One of the harder challenges is to create aggression without burying the rhythm and tone with noise. This is one song that masterfully presents the style of the band without sacrificing the standout mood of the song. Haunt Me is one song that does prove that a band can present a style true to themselves without limiting their artistic expression.

Where (Song):Haunt Me is a song that presents a solid beat at 153 bpm, which makes it perfect for a club or radio set. The elements in the song that make Haunt Me different also help give it a means of expressing itself that is not bound to Agrotech or Metal. Nor is it bound to trance or even EBM.

How (Song):Haunt Me is one of the songs that presents the forward energy that has become symbolic to Angels On Acid, yet it also presents an undertone that gives it a mellower impression.

Draven Taylor's Note: Haunt Me and most of the other songs by Angels On Acid show differing perspectives on the same mode. What I mean in this is that Angels On Acid as mastered their own identity and the direction of their music so well that they can delve into their related respective genres and still remain true to who they are. This is a true challenge for any band as they strive to continue to evolve as artists

Cocktail (sounds like): a ton of individual style + 1 part Mordacious + a dash of Cruxshadows styled electronics + a dash of unique sampling + a strong dose of metal. Shake till you have it glowing and play it with any other music that has a pulse.

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