Daughter of the experience of the community and the webzine, having noted the strong interest, curiosity, but also a lack of accurate information from young people and adults who have never taken this environment, the Cultural Association Darkitalia created with the aim of create, disseminate and publicize events that affect the dark subculture (or gothic), creating at the same time meeting places for young people of any caste, religion or ideology, instruct and discuss, through debates, seminars on all topics that start this movement He born in the eighties and continues to live despite the lack of any support or outlet by the Media. The Association has also set itself the goal of achieving and create collaborations and events throughout the country, involving all small regional or local organizations, making sure that the brand Darkitalia become a symbol of unity, cohesion and meeting all Italian regions.

To date Darkitalia reached and exceeded many of the goals and the work since 2009 on all the national territory, backed by more than 100 live concerts all over the country and beyond (to remember the concerts in Germany and the United Kingdom), active collaborations with organizations and local and national, and a web radio support, called Radio Darkitalia who has just made a complete merger with American WFKU.org a web radio, online 24 hours on 24, with over 22 DJs who broadcast daily.