The Owl And The Effigy by Panic Lift

SPLIT PIECES STITCHED TOGETHER….” PANIC LIFT continues the unraveling of its themed EP release cycle with the band’s first release of 2023 titled “TOGETHER.” This 4 song EP features 2 new songs titled “SMASH THE CONTROLS” and “THE OWL AND THE EFFIGY” and includes remixes from MORIS BLAK and AESTHETIC PERFECTION.

For “TOGETHER” PANIC LIFT teeters between industrial pop and terror ebm. JAMES FRANCIS explains “I've always tried to strike a balance between catchy and aggressive, these two songs bring both those styles together” Lyrically, “SMASH THE CONTROLS” discusses the topic of body positivity while "THE OWL AND THE EFFIGY" explores themes of secret societies and the occult.

MORIS BLAK delivers an industrial bass inspired remix for “THE OWL AND THE EFFIFY' which turns up the evil and aggressive tones to the max to create a club anthem that's fit for a vampire blood rave.

AESTHETIC PERFECTION infuse their trademark industrial pop sensibilities with an EBSM flair with their remix of “SMASH THE CONTROLS”

- Panic Lift

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