Rotten To The Core: The Banana Pina Colada Frutillas Blues by Fernando Bocadillos

"Rotten to the Core: The Banana Pina Colada Frutillas Blues" is the newest EP from Argentinian guitar player Fernando Bocadillos, digitally released through the Greek netlabel, Default Standard as DSR#201.

The album is a surrealistic journey through Fernando's musical past, present, and future. It features his signature Latin-tinged blues rhythms and melodies that are blended with his unique take on jazz, funk, and rock.

The listener is taken on a journey through a variety of exotic and unusual sounds, from the sweet and tangy notes of the banana-pina colada frutillas blues to the hauntingly melancholic melodies of the Argentinian-inspired guitar riffs, or not.

This is an album for the adventurous listener, as it takes them to a place of musical exploration and experimentation. Imagine yourself in a tropical oasis, sipping on a pina colada and listening to the surrealistic soundscapes of Fernando Bocadillos through Default Standard.

- Default Standard

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