RDC Playlist: March 6-19, 2023

EXTIZE - ChatGPT is Gother than You
Pretty Addicted - Child of the Devil
spankthenun - Dance Fight or Die (SynthAttack Version)
Synaptic Defect - Morphine (Dark Edition By Brain Leisure)
Giant Monsters on the Horizon - Secret or a Lie Featuring Arden and the Wolves
Space Surfer, Depra Go-Away - Silently but Loud
Josie Pace - Brain-dead
Exciting Valence - Die Stimme
BLACKBOOK - You Are Strange
Gasoline Invertebrate - Stop
dread risks - Machine Identity (in the walls mix by God Module)
Black.Virus - Engel
Seelennacht - Im Zenit
Cattac - Hellea Calling
JHONNY BOX - Антрацит
12 Illusions - A Kind Of Violence
Final Selection - Beyond My Dreams Single Edit
Machine Kaputt - Virus
Verrottet - Die Jugend
Susurration - Call Me Dead
RatingUrli - Bestie caute
FabrikC - take control
G.H.T - Apologize
Severed Skies - Archangel
Gaarn - Shades
APNOIE - Hyena Signs
Obsession of Time - Sorrows
Fonohead - Run
Faces off Fear - Devil Trigger
Schimmelästhetik - Der Irrsinn
BARA HARI - House of the Devil
Otto Diva - Bumper
Alien Skin - Your Death Kiss
ZOODRAKE - by your side
Delerium - Falling Back to You (with Mimi Page)

Industrial Attack (Vol I. 2023)

Russian Dark Community - MiX (July 11 - 24, 2022)

World Disorder (Red Cross)