Dark Nation Radio 17 September 2023

DURAN DURAN anyone? This week’s Dark Nation Radio leads off with their new track and I will be very curious to hear what you think! Let me know your thoughts on the Dark Nation Radio Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/darknationradio. In addition to that, I’ve got more fantastic South Asian-inflected electronica from Akriza & Mah Ze Tar, as well as new tracks from bands including Night Nail, Retrograth, KANGA, Fall Shock, Dead Lights, Black Rose Burning, IIOIOIOII, Metamorph, and House of Serpents. Lots of variety in this one, a few surprises, and lots to enjoy--I hope you’ll give it a spin!

- DJ Cypher

Dark Nation Radio 19 November 2023

Psychobilly Family Power Hour No. 23

Dark Nation Radio 5 November 2023