Dark Indulgence 06.25.23 by Scott Durand

Information Society - Creatures Of Light And Darkness
Marsheaux - Monument (Extended Version)
Troels Yuri - Witness Protection Program Part 2
Circuit Preacher - Take Control
Cristalli Liquidi + Deux Control - Rosso Carnale (Italo Version)
Stockholm Nightlife ft Helly - It's Happening Again (ZYX Extended)
The Mystic Underground - In A Darkened Room
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Simple Tom Synth Edit)
D.White - My Limbo (Marc Eliow Remix)
Mufti ft Time To Sleep - Fallen Behind (Original Mix)
Symptom Eskalation - Get Back In Line (Phaser:One RMX)
Ranger - High in the Sky (Extended Vocal Power Mix)
Korine - Fate
Pitch Yarn of Matter - Faults
Blavatsky & Tolley - Feel The Love (Mindbender Remix)
Keluar - Vitreum
Nuovo Testamento - The Searcher
Silent Circle - Touch in the Night (Remix Maxi Version)
Losless ft Roman Kyn - Ubiquity (Original Mix)
Faithless - We Come One (Senses Of Mind Edit)
spankthenun - Desolation Unknown (Lazerpunk Remix)
Xenia Beliayeva - BPD
Mennez - Smiley
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Camille Luciani Mix)
Fall Shock - Feels Eternal (Kontravoid Remix)
TOLEE - Dice (Original Mix)
Celestino & SXDNS Soundsystem - r.i.d.
Menschdefekt & J:Dead - You spin me round (Dead or Alive cover)
DC Salas - Light in the Distance
Nuxx Vomica - Easy Go
Va O.N.E. & Uspenskij - Iceberg (Original Mix)
Navigator Project - Spellbound (11grams RMX)
Reality's Despair - zombification
Transmission - De Stijl
The Lost Boys - Bust My Moves (Dark Vektor Electro Escuadrón Remix)
Credit 00 - Hope
EXX - Gangsta
FM Attack - Images of you
Blutengel - We belong to the night
Damien Hearse - EASY MARTYR (Grinning Savior Version)

- Scott Durand

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