Dark Indulgence 06.04.23 by Scott Durand

Organik Fanatik ft BLE - Eye Of The Storm
Abstraxion ft Curses & Borusiade - Love Pain
3FORCE - Lost & Found
Hallows - Talk To Me
We Are Temporary - You Can Now Let Go
Tiger Club ft Cristina Manzano - Green Eyes (Extended Mix)
Zidonian X - Tu calor
Italove - Chasing Ghosts
Rude 66 - If You Could Read My Mind
The Mystic Underground - Slight Case Of Overthinking
Toinen Luonto ft Absolute Key - Tartunta
EISFABRIK - It's Not Goodbye
Andi + Machino - Softly, Softly
BlakLight - Prey (Inside Outside Extended Mix)
Assemblage 23 - Static
Jebby Jay - Croissant (Original Mix)
Proyecto Periferia - Escojo un sitio
The Russian White - Vinyl (Blak Vinyl) by Moris Blak
Virgin Birth - What A Career! [neu flesh remix]
Yansyet - The Show (Alpha Sect Remix)
Camlann ft Vic Rippa - This World Is Ugly (Gegen Mann Remix)
The Lost Boys - Wall Of Bricks
Ben Hunt - (You Give Me) No Life
Dark Minimal Project - Ordinary Man (Ethan Wood Remix)
oxymosoon - Beyond satisfaction
Yuksek - On A Train (The Magician Remix)
Izakaya Deployment ft Angst vor Greta - Midnight Senses
Rue Oberkampf - Solitude
Years of Denial - Dancing with Demons
2Raumwohnung - Wir trafen uns in einem Garten (Scott Durand Edit)
RXmode - Cave Girl (Francois Dillinger Remix)
Leonie Pernet - Missing Love (Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee Remix)
spankthenun - On The Run (Batavia Remix)
NÓRDIKA - Angels in the Dark
Syrian - Speed of Light (Rework)
5ZYL - Absurd Control
Confrontational - Possession
Fragrance. - Lust For Lights
Sturm Café - Hymne für die Ewigkeit

- Scott Durand

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