Dark Indulgence 03.12.23 by Scott Durand

Diary of Dreams – The Fatalist
Schiller ft Alphaville – Summer in Berlin
Promenade Cinema - To Synchronise No More
Teknovore & j:dead - Already Dead
Scheuber - Lotus
Religius Order - Desire
Lian Ross - Young Forever (Extended Version)
!Distain - Mandragore (Rain) (Silica Gel Mix)
Ultranoire - Private Cosmos
2nd Face - Formula Extinction
Mirko Hirsch - Turn me on (Gianni Durante & Mirko Hirsch Remix)
Aldo Lesina - Don't Break My Heart [Vocal Extended Another Remix]
Momento - Long Ago (Extended Vocal Alan Mix)
Meersein - Lost
Otto One - My Friend (Extended Version)
Vandal Moon - Sweet Disaster
Calm T - Cruel Year (version 2023)
Dina Summer - Mars (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix)
Kendal - Intacto
NightCrawler - Turbulence (Misfit Trauma Queen Remix)
Torul - We Don't Care
Dale B. Dooney & Karel Sanders - Beware Of The Shadow (Extended Mix)
Ex-Hyena - Tremors (Maduro Remix)
M/A/T - Das Fundament
Kevin de Vries - Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Propter Hoc - Ask Dr. Mueller
Stars Crusaders - Ishtar (Faderhead Remix)
Cannons - Fire For You (dj genesis breaks remix)
Velvet Velour - Hydrophobia
Apoptygma Berzerk - Disarm (Alex O. Mix)
Arabian Panther - Fatale Recall 9 (Remember)
Train To Spain - Prisoner (Uncreated Remix)
Rotersand - Waiting to Be Born (Rework)
Dark Matter Project - Close Your Eyes
T.D.D - Loretown
Synapsyche - God In Vitro (Bolpavox Remix)
ben. - 真夜中 (Midnight)

- Scott Durand

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