CR20 by Crosstown Rebels

20 years ago I dreamed a dream of creating a family of like minded, crazy individuals from all corners of the planet - releasing music to the world and making people dance. That dream was Crosstown Rebels and this year we are 20.

Over these years I have forged beautiful friendships, discovered very talented artists and tried my best to help, advise and support some of the most colourful characters in dance music. Crosstown Rebels is more than a record label, it is Family.

So 2023 will mark the label’s 20th anniversary. This is an opportunity for the Crosstown Rebels family, a global community of artists, DJs and creatives, and the label’s myriad of followers to celebrate this momentous milestone. With support from our friends at Volcan, there will be parties and events around the world. There’s a killer compilation of exclusives and special remixes in the works. There’s also a beautiful coffee table book, a short film, and a special launch event are planned to bring together the sights and sounds of the label’s unique and influential history. There’s lots to share, announce and reminisce in the coming weeks.

- Damian x (Crosstown Rebels)

Liminal Fields by Vulture Feather

Parasite (Unplugged) by The Anix

Bleach by The Anix