Accessory at Kielectric Festival

On April 8, 2023, the Kielectric Festival will take place in Kiel to mark the 40th birthday of Robert Korittke and his wife Kadi. Together with the bands Beyond Border, Vanguard, Lights of Euphoria and HZweiG we will be there on stage and make you dance with great dark electronic music. After the concerts there will also be an After Show Party with DJ Factory4X. André Steinigen and Robert Korittke will moderate the evening.

Please buy your ticket in advance. This supports the organizer and of course all bands and artists. You can find the link to the tickets here:
Here you can inquire about the location where the concert takes place:

- Accessory

Opposite by Accessory

Too Many Nights (Twitch Community Edit) by Accessory

Accessory´s Friday the 13th Dark Stream Party - Aftermovie