Und sie tanzten by Winterstille

'Und sie tanzten' is an homage to the heroes of our youth. It is one of the highlights of the new album 'Puin van Dromen' (Debris Of Dreams) from Winterstille. There are lyrical references to bands of the early nineties as Goethes Erben, while the music is close to the early Lacrimosa sound. Thus, it has a high goth nostalgy factor.

To give the music extra strength, we made this clip together with Frix Frox productions. We recorded on an old brickyard in Boom, as in the Saint Stephanus Church in Nederokkerzeel, where an old Wauters organ from the beginning of the 18th century has a prominent place.

- Winterstille

Puin Van Dromen by Winterstille

Drink nog een glas by Winterstille

The Sparrows And The Nightingales by Wolfsheim