Trail Of Time by Crooniek

In 2005, Crooniek was founded by accident. An ensemble was put together for a single occasion. Who could have thought that 17 years later, we are able to look back at more than 80 gigs? Crooniek usually plays as a fixed seven piece strong band, but has also performed with singers, choirs and with other ensembles like Mandolinman and Illumine.

Recently, a number of CDs have been released. The album ‘Demonen & Dromen‘ came out in 2018 followed by ‘Winterstille’ with the well-received ‘Puin van Dromen’ in 2020. Both albums are still on the market.

Several partnerships and new inspiration have resulted in the album ‘Trail of Time’. It contains brand-new songs together with new versions of older material. Neo-classical an neo-fanfare styles are combined with a whiff of gothic/ambient. ‘Trail of Time’ is a journey through time for Crooniek on the one hand; on the other hand it is the personal testament of inspirator Gerry Croon. The music is imbued with personal experiences and local history.

Sixteen musicians were involved in the production of the CD, including Kevin Imbrechts (Illuminine), Olivier Soil (Olivier & Crooniek) and Xavier Kruth (Winterstille).

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