Statues & Ornaments by Silent Runners

"Statues & Ornaments" shows a slight shift in direction for Silent Runners. Featuring a heavier emphasis on post-punk influences and more drum driven songs, without compromising the iconic mix of synths, guitars and deep vocals the band became known for. The album title refers to the ideas and ideologies we as a society put on a pedestal. The same ones that also lead us to rising inequality, climate crisis and mass extinction. It speaks of our inability to explore hopeful new alternatives, while revering the nostalgic embrace of the old ways.

"Statues & Ornaments" features eleven new tracks. Each purchase of the album includes two exclusive bonus tracks, for a total of thirteen new Silent Runners songs. The CD will include all tracks, while full digital downloads are available for vinyl and digital buyers.

"Statues & Ornaments" was recorded in Volver Studio (NL), mixed by Ben Greenberg (USA - Black Marble, Second Still, Soft Kill, et al.) and mastered by Pete Maher (UK - U2, The Killers, Maximo Park, et al.).

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