She Haunts You by Suicide Queen

One of 2022’s most provocative emerging artists Suicide Queen releases the brand-new song “She Haunts You”.

Suicide Queen is an uncompromising act from San Francisco "carrying on the industrial torch with sounds resonating from the likes of Ministry and Skinny Puppy," says Dark Beauty Magazine. Featuring Kay Dolores on vocals, programming and guitars, Tony Havoc on drums, and Scarr Kevorkian on keys, their talent shines on this haunting new track that showcases their prowess for creating industrial crypt teases that lurk in the darkness and come out from the shadows to tempt and seduce willing listeners.

The grand soundscape in "Swan"—dripping with violence, sexuality, and understated rage sets the stage for Dolores' harrowing vocals that oscillate between a low, husky growl and punctuated whips of energy that border on a breakdown playing off the mechanical heart that forms the foundation of this attention-grabbing trio. They're assisted on the track by the lauded producer and engineer John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Love And Rockets) which adds another layer of intensity.

- COP International

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