Nymphomaniac by Suicide Queen

"Suicide Queen is the ritual of turning pain into power. Every slamming drum, every pounding note, and every horrid shriek is part of a ceremony, a new revelation ushered in by deafening noise. It is loud, it is wicked, and it is not kind. In the twin shadows of heartbreak and death, in the absence of salvation, lie sound and sickening fury." Kay Dolores

One of 2022’s most provocative emerging artists Suicide Queen releases their first Album “Nymphomaniac” on the 6th of May. Kay Dolores, the mastermind behind Suicide Queen is one of those rare creatures that combines loads of raw talent with the animal magnetism off performers like Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison. Catching that energy on a studio record is not an easy feat but with the help of John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, Cradle of Filth,) Suicide Queen did just that.

Violence, sexuality, and understated rage sets the stage for Dolores' harrowing vocals that oscillate between a low, husky growl and punctuated whips of energy that border on a breakdown playing off the mechanical heart that forms the foundation of this attention-grabbing band. Nymphomaniac is a crazy ride oscillating between pure evil and sweet mayhem. Suicide Queen is the poisoned dagger ready to take down its unsuspecting prey. They are dangerous, addictive, and pretty much everything your parents warned you about.

"Can Suicide Queen be that one band to push through and make it real? I don’t see why not. “Swans,” the debut single from the Oakland trio, has all the right elements: a boot-stomping beat, searing electronics, hard-hitting vocals, and no shortage of hooks. The single’s B-side, “Scarecrow,” has more of the same. Can the band deliver the goods live? I’d love to find out once this pandemic madness ends." www.metalsucks.net

"the formidable Suicide Queen from Oakland CA.,.. whose dramatic doom rock is big on atmosphere laced with soaring melodies and enigmatic beats." www.rockbandsofla.com

- COP International

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