Memphis Electronic Red Barn by Thorin TheGoth

Thorin TheGoth is a 1bandman of medieval Tolkien black metal

Mainly inspired by Scandinavien underground BM.The Goblin Wars and Songs to Own the Dragons of the Middle-Earth. Spotify, utube, itunes, others Thorin albums on bandcamp. (music released under others names : ex-Pimeyden, ex-Gothmoth, ex-Barde Esgaroth, ex-NoirDauphin, ex-Lord Mahakala,ex-Aragorn, ex-Lord Widow,ex-Shaman...

- Thorin TheGoth

Gullinbursti by Thorin TheGoth

The Kingdom Of Neyama-Ath-Therum by Thorin TheGoth

Tantric Sorcery by Thorin TheGoth