Juniper Sunday by Harry Stafford And Marco Butcher

This is a tale about a girl I once knew. It was back in the 80s when Bohemia still seemed to exist. It's a sad tale because she's no longer with us and I wanted to tell her story in a song, although it's only from my perspective, I'm sure she lived many other great lives.

The Actor playing Juniper is Allie Jade Butcher, who listened to the song and came up with such an astonishing performance that there certainly didn't need to be any direction from me.

The Video is shot in Southern Cemetery in Manchester UK and in Winston, North Carolina where Marco filmed his wife Allie. In the Autumn (Fall) of 2021.

Juniper Sunday is a track from the Album Bone Architecture by harry Stafford and Marco Butcher out on Black Lagoon records in September 2021.

- Harry Stafford

Juniper Sunday (Extended Re-Mix) by Harry Stafford And Marco Butcher

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