Hope For The F​.​U​.​T​.​U​.​R​.​E. (2​.​0) by The Plague

Hope for the F.U.T.U.R.E. (2.0) is now available for pre-order. Releasing with brand new art, mixing, and mastering, the album features sixteen catchy tracks over a variety of genres with post-apocalyptic themes portraying the struggles of being human, encouraging people to break free of superficial notions of success and to define it for themselves. From the easy-going 90s-inspired pop-rock gem "Can't Stop Loving You" (2.0), the turbulent pop-rock "Danger" (2.0), the stand-out electronic-rock single "Fallen" (2.0), to the brutal metalcore single "Living Failure" (2.0), the album shows off the range of The Plague's production abilities.

Releases December 1, 2022

- FiXT

Danger (Kaixo Remix) by The Plague

Danger (Kaixo Remix) by The Plague

Can't Stop Loving You (2.0) by The Plague