Happy New Years

We all have good years and we all have bad years. Music Eternal has had an amazing year that has been overshadowed by a series of somber personal events. The past 6 months have been harsh with the loss of loved ones and personal challenges that need not be mentioned here.

As with each event, there is a beginning and an end. Some are constants and will never fade from the pages of history. Music Eternal is slated to be the latter of these. The aim is to have this be a foundation for the music world and never close its doors.

Much of what Music Eternal is has been limited to man power. We always strive to live by the motto, "Work smart not hard." For programmers this isn't where you don't work hard, but you find paths to have the most impact with what you do. With this we aim to restructure how things are done both in Music Eternal as an Internet entity and a business.

One thing will be a monthly update (like this) where we aim to give an update to what has changed and what we are aiming to change on the site. This site is designed to be a foundation for the music world, but also one where it is never finished. We never want to have a polished product that will never evolve. The music world and the world as a whole needs to have something that adapts and is dynamic in its approach. That said, we will be working on new upgrades each month. Many of these will be implemented each week one at a time so that we can maximize our time and have the best impact.

Another goal is to restart each part of Music Eternal. Aside from the news each part of the site has been stagnant. This is due to a combination of reasons that are now being resolved. Starting in 2022 each section will be restarted with a focus on the news solely being from the music world's mouth. Our involvement in content will be in the other sections. The reason for this is that true news should be from the source, not from a 3rd party. We want to ensure that the musicians, venues, DJs, labels, and all others have the ability to have their words resonate in your minds. This will give a better perspective in the people behind the music and what they want to share in their music and their hearts.

Lastly, we want to thank you all. Without the music world and their devoted supporters (the fans) there would be no music. No music would mean that there would be no purpose in this dream we have in sharing all the music world has to offer. We may have created this foundation stone in the music world, but it is you that gives it worth.

Happy New Years everyone. Let's make this one even better than 2021.

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Happy New Year

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