Enimatik Interview With mtf8

Music has moments where one change will have a lasting impact for decades. One such even was around 1978 with the death of Punk Rock as a base genre. Most of these artists went into different directions and evolved their style to become Post Punk, Gothic Rock or New Wave. It was this window of transition that created many distinct styles that many bands like Miranda Sex Gang, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Cure, Christian Death, The Marrionettes, The Damned, and Siouxsie And The Banshees stand out.

For Post Punk and Gothic Rock the next step of evolution was with the heavier use of Electronic sounds. Many bands abandoned the feel of the end of Punk feel to make something new with sampling and synth sounds. Others managed to take these two elements and make something new. Thus bands like Switchblade Symphony, Rosetta Stone, and Cassandra Complex were among a list of artists that showed how elements of the older styles combines with the newer elements could make for something new.

Decades later, there are still artists that are trying to catch this magic and make it their own. To make something that is distinct from the past, yet fresh in their presentation of it through their music. Some masterfully create something new and original where it evolves into an impressive style of music, where others try and never seem to grasp this concept. What many of them never realize is this is something quite challenging, making something new and original without stepping on the toes of those that walked this path in the past. Many times this leads to something different and strays away from the original concept. In this respect, the original concept was a launching board for something new.

One artist that has made their own path in fusing aspects of the birth of Post Punk and Gothic Rock and the Electronica arsenal of tools is mtf8. Taking these two aspects and making instrumentation that are like the Goth bands of the 1990's and vocals of the late 1970's and early 1980's into expressive songs. This band has managed to make something original that expresses many of the best elements of these two eras of music and makes something new through this vision of genius.

As an hidden gem in the Eastern United States, mtf8 is a band that has shown a ton of potential and has had the opportunity to give an in depth presentation of the music, the music project, and the man behind the music. This expansive interview is broken down in segments that focus on the key points on Adam, mtf8, and the evolution in him as an artist. There are many insights to present this artist and his path into making the music he does that gives a very human presentation that reflects his talents in each of his music releases.

The interview was made, compiled, and presented on Enimatik. mtf8 is a band that if you love the darker expressive aspects in Electronic music or Gothic music as a whole you will want to keep a close eye on.

Visions by mtf8

Purity (DiarBlack Remix) by mtf8

The Sparrows And The Nightingales by Wolfsheim